Ten common problems and solving method of touch switch

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The touch switch is commonly used in many electronic components, the use of the process will often appear all sorts of problems, these problems can better solve the touch switch will play a better role.

Touch switch is a switch is widely used in the electronics industry, it is unable to leave it, especially consumer products use is very much. This switch is widely used in computer, audio, headset, mobile phone, Bluetooth devices, audition machine, telephone, toys, lamps, printers, fax machines, medical devices, smart watches, smart wearable devices, laser pen, mouse, keyboard, electromagnetic oven, TV, DVD, toaster, electric oven, household equipment and other electronic products.

1: switch handle the problem?

Many customers have been in response, a lot of suppliers to send the sample feel is very consistent, but one to the production of the hand is not the same. In fact, this problem is very common, we all know that the switch handle and key force are controlled by shrapnel. We often say that the shrapnel is divided into copper and stainless steel shrapnel shrapnel, many manufacturers in order to save costs are made of copper copper shrapnel shrapnel, the higher price, which is widely used. But after the copper shrapnel furnace temperature will transform, shrink is serious, which lead to poor feeling. Won't have this problem using stainless steel shrapnel, but the relatively high cost of stainless steel shrapnel, led many manufacturers choose Tingerzouxian copper material shrapnel in the purchase, so ask the touch switch problem must.

2: switch light according to the conduction of the problem?

Many consumers, when using the product often found according to keys by no reaction, to hard to press, products with functional response. Because our switches are exposed to the use of air, a lot of products are not sealed, consumer electronics are required to heat. In wet weather, the spring switch is easy to be oxidized, contact oxidation performance is not as good as before, is there not light according to the conduction problem. Many consumers have to switch down, found the shrapnel above will have a small dot, the dot is out of the effect of oxidation of shrapnel. So it is recommended that we usually do not use the best electronic products to put in a relatively dry place, prepaid electronic parts are oxidized.

3: switch resistance value high?

At present, many customers to switch the resistance value of the problem is not very understanding, we are general switch resistance control in the European 30m, contact the performance and life of such switches are very good, but there are some switch after the furnace temperature life test after the resistance value is high. What will be the impact of high resistance high resistance switch? It means the switch contact shrapnel and PIN foot area of small, small contact area will cause the switch without contact, if not the bad contact switch. So we should be cautious of resistance switch, shrapnel and PIN feet for electroplating requirements is relatively high, good plating resistance value will be low. Switch after life test, the surface will have shrapnel wear, if plating thin, high resistance, switch on the side.

4: switch bubble problem?

The main material of the switch is our LCP material, every time our material supplier after in the machine before injection, we will have a process, this process is to give our plastic material drying, quenching is the industry said. What is the main purpose of quenching what is the purpose of quenching is to give our plastic material itself with the wet water drying, the use of our plastic materials to achieve the effect of drying. After quenching we are in the process of our next step is our injection molding process, followed by our product assembly, inspection, packaging and shipment.

After such a process, then why we touch switch in a furnace after have abnormal foaming? We come to see us on the left side of the photo, we switch the foaming is quite serious, in fact, the problem that it is very simple, our SMD process can produce high temperature, the material itself is LCP high temperature resistant products, is also very much in line with the process of SMD material, the problem lies in our first step quenching, our plastic material during quenching, if not completely dry plastic material, we have a wet water inside is for the next operation, in the absence of under the condition of high temperature operation, it is very difficult for us to find that it will bubble, so we will have a test procedure of PCB experiment.

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