Our company was named light town "2008 annual top ten enterprises"

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In April 16, 2009, received a notice of the people's Government of light Creek Town: please your general manager at 17 am 8:30 on time to participate in the recognition of the 2008 outstanding enterprises and outstanding individual meeting."

In April 17, 2009, our general manager Mr. Wang (Wang Biao) and two other executives on behalf of 8:30 this morning to attend the meeting on time, the meeting announced the 2008 annual Top 2008 enterprises, the annual advanced enterprises, 2008 advanced units of production safety and the list of winners.

And issued on the "light River town in 2009 safety production supervision work points" and "light River town" safety production year "safety hidden danger investigation and rectification work plan" notice.

It is our honor, was awarded the 2008 annual top ten enterprises "and the 2008 annual security advanced units";

Secretary General Manager (Wang Biao) Mr. Wang was named "outstanding manager of the year 2008 (Chairman, director)";

I Secretary for safety production department manager (Wang Jin) Wang was named "the 2008 annual safe production work advanced individual";

I am the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance (Wang Xiangyang) Mr. Wang was named the 2008 annual financial statistical work of advanced individuals";

Oiga Ji advanced employees (Xu Biao) Xu master was awarded the 2008 annual top ten new light creek".

Division I won the honor can not do without the strong support and cooperation of all employees of the company.

The new year, the company will continue with the important thought of "Three Represents" and the Party Congress in the third Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, guided by the spirit, in-depth study and practice the scientific development, to the "safety in production" as the main line, follow the light Town People's government, scientific and sustainable development.

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