2010 Shenzhen rainbow Union Party

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In February 20, 2010, the company conference room held the "2010 rainbow deep union tea", a total of 30 staff representatives. The start of the meeting by the chairman of the trade union in 2009 for the trade union work summary, summary after the main advocate of staff, let the staff speak freely, to talk about work, talk about life, talk about interest. The whole meeting room is lively, relaxed and happy, we eat and talk, no leader and subordinates, only friends and workers.

The meeting, the staff actively speak, each member of the trade union committee carefully recorded, through the tea party, the staff put a lot of valuable advice to the company. After the meeting, the general staff views are summarized and submitted in writing to the chairman of the trade union.

The company attaches great importance to the leadership of the trade union of the tea party, the staff put forward opinions, special meeting discussions on issues related to investigation and verification. Issued the "notice" on the adjustment of the piece treatment of employees, employees piecework overall upregulation of 8%---10%, and introduces the service subsidies, fees, new employee training subsidies and bonuses to employees at the end of 2009 have been greatly adjusted for employees to get maximum benefits.

Notice, the staff warmly, everyone on the treatment after adjustment very satisfied, many employees have to act immediately, home staff call good news for the company, take the initiative to apply for advertised hiring. The staff of this series of reaction allows us to 2010 recruitment work is full of confidence.

Through the union tea party, confirmed that the union is for the benefit of employees, do practical things for the staff, believe that "difficult to find the union", is not empty, also welcome more staff for the development of the company more valuable comments.

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