The strongest supply and demand docking debut eighty-eighth China Electronics Show, 7 billion procurement needs and so you come!

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Eat and drink banquet dishes

The old donkey ride, take modern airliner

The taste of fresh seafood, also hungry belly

Spit out eyebrow Yang had made his head low.

In a hurry to depart to catch the plane, take a single easy not unusual

The small and medium-sized enterprises of luxury hotels as boundless as the sea and sky, was empty

Indeed, China manufacturing status that many small and medium-sized enterprises in the mire, good intentions of products, but the market development is difficult, the plight of the enterprises have such a dream: don't run around here and there can be, their products directly show in front of customers! Don't care, you can see the customer's procurement minister and R & D director! Don't have to cut six off five will. Can be directly with the buyer, President of a pair of one side!

Change is to break the status quo, to meet the development of the times

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