A detailed description of the touch switch

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Also called the key switch, first appeared in Japan [called sensitive switch] used to meet the operating conditions of the power to pressure switch operation direction switch closed when the pressure switch is switched on, cancel the break, its internal structure is on the metal spring force changes to achieve the on-off.

Touch switch by: insert, base, shrapnel, button and a cover plate which kind of waterproof touch switch with a layer of polyimide film in spring plate (Figure).

Touch switch contact resistance load small, precise operation force error, specification diversification and other advantages, is widely used in electronic equipment and white goods: audio and video products, digital products, remote control, communication products, home appliances, security products, toys, computer products, fitness equipment, medical equipment banknote pen, laser pen, buttons and so on. Because of the environmental conditions (touch switch pressure less than 2 times the elastic / environmental temperature and humidity conditions and electrical properties) of large equipment and high load button are used in conductive rubber or metal shrapnel switch pot instead of directly, such as medical equipment, TV remote control etc..

About five feet touch switch pin: two pin as a group, to switch the correct pressure when the four pin is communicated, fifth pins for grounding.

The touch switch is developed with the development of electronic technology the requirements of the fourth generation of switch products, the first volume of 12mmX12mm, 8mm and 8mm two, 6om 6mm is now under. Product structure is vertical, horizontal and horizontal band three, and now there are combination of (3M, 4M, SM, 6M, SM) and potentiometer combination of two categories, to meet the requirements of various electronic products. Installation of the size of the fire 4.5mm, 5.5mm and 4mm and 6mm and 4mm three kinds of. The existing foreign 4.5mm and 4.5mm small touch switch chip and touch switch, touch switch chip suitable for surface mounting. At present, the use of conductive rubber switch is also very popular [1].

Now the fifth generation of the switch function and membrane switch, touch switch, mainly used for electronic equipment and CNC machine tools, but the resistance is high, feel bad. In order to overcome the poor hand phenomenon, but also in the thin film switch with a layer of silver do not contact, but with [1] contacts.


The touch switch is divided into two categories: the use of metal as the reed switch contact sheet, the contact resistance is small, the cluster 20mn. Feel good, there is "tick" crisp sound. Conductive rubber is used as the switch of the contact path, and the conductive rubber is used as a conductive rubber switch. Switch feel good, but the contact resistance is large, generally in the 100 one 300n. The key is to rely on the touch switch structure moves down, make contact spring or conductive rubber block contact welding pieces, the formation of [1] pathway.

The operating force and reed touch switch and the state of the. Start force and compression distance is the reed Reed was reduced to 5. % a 70% when the operating force suddenly reduced, and accompanied by "tick" sound. Guide turtle rubber switch generally has two kinds of structure. The operating force curve varies greatly with the geometry of the rubber block [1].

Relative humidity: span=<95%< ""

Rated voltage: 12V

Rated current: 50mA

Temperature: -25~70 degrees C [1]

12*12 series of waterproof touch switch.

The reliability of the conduction of key factors is the contact point of the structure, because of the light touch switch function is the point of contact and contact conduction shrapnel, so the contact point of the contact surface of the bigger the better, the contact surface determined by the structure, there are about three kinds of market structure, order as follows:

Bulla (volcano type) "O type contact", slotted type "2 point contact", "1 point contact type bubble"

Third, life is decided with stroke and feel the touch switch and shrapnel, shorter sound more light longer, the longer the trip and vice versa, in the process of shrapnel is fixed, mainly to see the trip or voice in determining the touch switch life;

In addition, key factors to determine the life or shrapnel stamping technology, Japan Taiwan stamping technology is very popular in China, so the technology condition, whether to reduce material requirements for imported materials, such as 160gf shrapnel in the market is life there are four main types of

About 50 thousand times (domestic copper or backward stamping technology), about 100 thousand times, 200 thousand times (stainless steel)

The fourth is the production process, is the assembly process after the final parts affect the quality of the decision depends on the assembly process production of the company's management ability, staff quality consciousness and quality assurance ability and other factors, the final product quality assurance ability of different certainly out of different market assembling methods are manual and machine, machine assembly of low cost and low product quality the high cost of manual assembly, but also high quality.

The fifth is the factory inspection, factory inspection method and project also affect the final quality of the light touch switch, such as appearance, conduction, resistance and other projects is sampling or inspection, such as some manufacturers required to measure the rejection rate is PPM or zero defect, just to check the settings after all also set the sampling or the quality inspection process in the factory.

With the counter, record the number of times! This switch requirement of safety certification is required, products in the domestic sales for CQC, foreign words specific sales go in a country such as the United States, Canada UL, CUL, VDE, ENEC, European countries have TUV certification. Domestic life: 5-7 million shrapnel shrapnel imported single silver complex life: over 100 thousand times more than 500 thousand times long stainless steel shrapnel.

Popular to say, is gently contact. Then, the touch switch can also be understood as the touch switch can control the on-off, namely gently press release that the disconnect switch is switched on. Its application scope is very wide, and it is widely used in many fields, such as household appliances, building automation, vehicle equipment, digital audio and video.

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